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IUPAC name: Methyl 2-(4-fluorophenyl)-2-(piperidin-2-yl)acetate HCl

CAS number: 1354631-33-6

Purity: min 98.5%

Appearance: White to off-white powder

4F-MPH (4-Fluoromethylphenidate) is a research chemical that can act as a better dopamine reuptake inhibitor than analogue methylphenidate. It was first developed by chemists as an ethylphenidate replacement.

As it is structurally related to methylphenidate, it might be of some interest to researchers studying similar compounds.Normally, a batch of 4F-MCH is available as white powder, and like all other research chemicals, is of at least 98.5 percent purity confirmed by independent analysis.

It has been formulated strictly for research, forensic or chemical reference purposes only. It’s not intended for human consumption.

A study in 2009 found that para- and meta-substituted compounds with many electron-withdrawing substituents in some threo-isomers of methylphenidate have increased its binding potency. Compounds containing chlorine, fluorine, methyl groups and bromine were reported to be much more potent than methylphenidate. Due to presence of fluorine, 4F-MPH has better binding potency as dopamine reuptake inhibitor. It reported as having ED52mg/kg or 0.28 and also a relative potency of 3.37 to methylphenidate.

4F-MPH effectively boosts dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain and acts as effective dopamine reuptake inhibitor (DRI). It blocks or binds transporter proteins that remove most of the monoamines from synaptic cleft, resulting in better accumulation of dopamine within the brain mass.

Previously many compounds with DRI action have been widely used clinically. They are: dexmethylphenidate, amineptine, fencamfamine, difemetorex, nomifensine, medifoxamine, pyrovalenrone, and prolintane. Though all these compounds may have different modes of action, the mode of action and pharmacotherapeutic use of 4F-MPH is yet to be fully discovered by scientific community.

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This product is not for human consumption, for research and reference use only.



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