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IUPAC name: 2-(3-fluorophenyl)-3-methylmorpholine HCl

CAS number: 1350768-28-3

Purity: min 98.5%

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Also known as 3F- Phenmetrazine i.e. 3-FPM or PAL- 593, 3- Fluorophenmetrazine is simply a stimulant research substance of the popular substituted phenethylamine group. Though this substance is recently being sold in the market under the name 3- FPM’, it was named first as PAL- 593 in scientific literature years ago.

Generally, the molecules of this family have got a phenethylamine core that feature a phenyl ring which is bound to (NH2) an amino acid via an ethyl chain. 3-FPM has got a fluorine atom that is attached at the phenyl ring at R3.

In most instances those that buy 3-FPM are looking to determine how this chemical can aid their current research, determining a positive outcome. This is why it’s so important when purchasing this type of research chemical that you only buy from a reputable and reliable supplier, known for their high quality chemicals to ensure it doesn’t damage your months or years of research. Below are crucial tips to follow when purchasing this research product:

Conduct a complete and thorough research

Make good use of the web by carrying out a thorough research. This is one of the easiest and effective ways that you can adopt to buy your research chemicals safely.

Check all products extremely carefully

This two words “research chemicals” has become the hottest and most popular keyword on the internet. Thus it is extremely important that you check all the products carefully by reading the descriptions of the product and this includes the quantity and purity.

It is imperative that when working with this chemical that safety precautions are put in place to reduce the risk of the researcher being exposed to the chemical for a long duration. This product should only be used in the safety of a laboratory and studies should be carried out with all the protective and preventive measures.

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This product is not for human consumption, for research and reference use only.

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